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Top Forex Managed Account: Get 30% Compounded Monthly!

Maybe The Best ‘Forex Managed Account’ Ever, Is Right Here

What IS a Forex managed account? Well, first of all, many people are searching for ‘passive income generator’ investments, but have no clue what type of investment vehicle to choose, as there are so many choices, which are often accompanied by a lack of certainty as to whether a particular investment you make will be safe. Or, will it produce enough profit to make it worth your while? 

Traversing the world of investment ops is like going through a maze! You will hit a lot of dead ends before you find the ‘way through’, and discover a gem of an opportunity.

Many are at least familiar with the term ‘Forex’, but few have any understanding of how it works, or why the returns in Forex trading can be far more substantial than what traditional funds will generate. The claims of astronomical results within the Forex world could turn anyone into a skeptic. However, it is completely possible and frequently achieved by professional traders. I’ll go into the reason ‘why’ in a moment!

Number one, most professional U.S. Forex traders do not use U.S. brokers due to the severe restrictions placed upon the U.S. Forex industry, which limits traders in how much they can profit. However, countries outside of the U.S. don’t have the same level of regulation, therefore foreign brokers are able to offer much higher leverage for trading, along with the ability to hedge trades and several other benefits. The biggest advantage is access to higher leverage. Why does this matter?

It means greater borrowing power which enables more trades to be placed simultaneously and at higher lot sizes (bigger risk), thus resulting in higher profits. It is the difference between making 500$ with high leverage, or making 50$ on the same trade, with low leverage, ie, 50:1 in the U.S. This is the main reason Forex trading is so popular in the first place, and why those who KNOW about it take advantage of offshore brokers, and, managed accounts, if they can find an experienced trader to trade for them. Well….enter Pipphenes!

When You’ve Been Trading For Over 25 Years

Pipphenes is a group of Forex traders who have been at it for over 25 years combined. They have made a lot of money for themselves during that time and at a certain point, decided they wanted to give back.

They began trading managed accounts for their friends and it expanded from there. Today, anyone can invest, and they will trade your account for you. All you do is make that small investment and watch your account grow 30% every month, while it compounds. If you understand how compounding works, then you see why this is so great. I’m talking about better returns than you will get anywhere else.

The way it works is like this. You open an account with their broker, and once you have funded it, it becomes linked to the Pipphenes account. Whenever they place a trade, the same trade is copied into YOUR account. You will always have the control, and only you have direct access to it. Pipphenes can only place trades. They cannot withdraw money from it. At the end of each trading month, you send them their commission.

They do this on a monthly basis, whether you withdraw funds or not. It’s BEST to leave your money alone for a while and let it grow. It WILL roll over significantly in a year or 2. I mean, a LOT. Your gains will average out to about 30%, per month. Your account is continually compounding. No fixed returns!

Welcome To The Profitable World Of Forex!

How is it possible to yield such impressive gains? The Forex, or foreign currency market is the largest, most liquid market on the planet, with trillions changing hands every day. It is bigger than the stock market. It is also an exchange where fortunes are made and lost every day, it’s a give and take, someone’s loss is someone else’s gain, therefore there is plenty of money to be taken from the market.  So when you can find a good trader with a proven track record, who knows how to consistently churn out profits, well, that person is worth their weight in gold, no question about it.

A trader who creates profits CONSISTENTLY, year after year, is someone who is a disciplined trader that has a really good trading system! Their solid, reliable returns put them in the 1% or so, of actually successful traders. Pipphenes traders have individually been working the markets for over 10 years, and over 25 collectively, and since they started managing client accounts, they’ve produced quite a few millionaires.

Even with the 40% commission Pipphenes charges you per month, you still rake in on average, 30%. Here is how a 2K starter account compounds, within a one year period. After 12 months, you are receiving approximately $9500.00 per month, off of your initial 2,000 investment. Look at this compounding chart. You can do the math yourself.

That’s how good these guys are, and how consistent they are at returning 30% monthly on your account. If you invest more than 2k, it’s going to grow faster. I encourage you to do the math on this to see for yourself, for example, how much 5k will return for you, in 6mo. to 1 year. Most people I know could live just fine on $9500. or less, per month. So for a 2k initial investment, I think this is a rare, hidden-in-plain-sight opportunity to make some real money, in a short period of time. I wish I had found them sooner!

They average 30% a month (and remember, this is what you get AFTER you’ve given up the 40% commission). But there are months when the market is really moving, and they can increase that ROI (Return On Investment) significantly more than 30%. 30 is the MINIMUM, is what I’m saying. After each trading month, you would need to send them 40% of the monthly profit, it’s the only way they can be assured of receiving their commissions, since they do not have access to your trading account directly, except to trade it. Obviously, if you don’t send the monthly commission, they will stop trading your account :).

TCAM: What Kind Of Traded Account Is That?

There are several different types of traded accounts,  TCAM stands for ‘trade copier & account management’, this means, you open your own independent account with the Pipphenes broker. All trades they execute will be automatically copied to your account. There are other types of managed accounts where the money is pooled into one large account. The TCAM is good because YOU always have control, you can stop the trading if you want to, and no one but you can access your money.

They have partnered with a broker whom they’ve now used for over 10 years, and has proven to be very reliable. Using a reputable Forex broker is paramount, to ensure there are no issues that could sabotage results, or withdrawals. Their broker, TradersWay, is an offshore broker, and anyone including U.S. citizens can open an account with them, through the Pipphenes links. It is legal to open an account with an offshore FX broker, for U.S. citizens. Anyone, anywhere can sign up.

Show Me Some Results!


You will often see losses along with the gains, as losses are an inherent part of trading. There is no trader on earth who can get every trade right, every single time. It’s about having a trading strategy that works at least 80% of the time, to bring those consistent profits, which these guys have.

Here is one of their screenshots taken directly from the Meta Trader 4 trading platform, for the start of 2019.

Pipphenes Offers ‘The Full Monty’

If you want to trade for yourself, Pipphenes offers daily signals, and you can choose from various packages, from 1 month at a time, all the way up to a ‘lifetime membership’. That’s what I did personally, get the lifetime membership as it’s a great value. (I’m a trader so I want to trade my own account, as well as have a managed account).

You get multiple daily signals and follow-up for managing the trades.  You can also observe their trading as it occurs, and learn about their decision-making process for the trades they take, which they’ll demonstrate, along with giving signals. This way you can see what they are actually doing. Earn and Learn! They offer a complete trading course, too.

What Is Included With A Lifetime Membership, Besides Signals?

-You get up to 10, daily Forex trading signals, including stop loss, and take profit

-Cryptocurrency Signals and Groups are included. Access to the Cryptofund

-Trade Copier & Account Management (no set-up fee, must still fund on your own)

-Instructional E-book is included

-Full 11 module E-course is included

-9 Telegram groups, for signals and teaching

So if you are a trader, or want to become one, getting lifetime access to trade signals is something you will want. I have found this group to not only produce impeccable trading results, but to also be nice humans who really want to help others, and help spread the wealth.

Customer service is always a concern. Here’s what they say about their customer service…”We provide 24/7 support – never fear to ask us a question, one of our Forex market pros will answer your questions within hours of asking, guaranteed!” I will personally vouch for that. I thought they would get sick of me for asking them a million questions and end up blocking me, but they didn’t, lol.

They also offer a Cryptocurrency managed account, for those of you who are excited about Cryptos, and where that’s headed in the future. Whether you care about Cryptos or not, they are tradeable and making people a lot of money! They have a Crypto trading channel on Telegram you can tune into, so you can get educated about digital currencies, and receive weekly analyses on where individual Cryptocurrencies are going.

The Pipphenes Complete Trading Course

The Pipphenes trading course, where you can learn to trade for yourself, is a good idea even if you aren’t going to be trading much, or at all, because, knowledge is definitely power when it comes to trading. Since it is included in the lifetime membership, that makes it a real bonus, along with lifetime signals.

It’s extremely helpful to have knowledge of the playing field, like the trading platform, and candlestick charts, to at least have a general understanding of ‘how it all works’. They also put out videos regularly where they walk you through some charts, to check out potential trade set-ups, as well as help you manage trades you may be in. You will see what their winning strategies look like, and learn from it. They are very interactive with their subscribers, and very transparent. They have posted trading results weekly, going back for YEARS. As an investor in the managed account, you will be updated daily and weekly.

When You Ask The Universe To Show You A Great FX Managed Account, And The Universe Answers

Have you ever focused really hard on getting an answer to something, not being able to come up with it yourself? So you asked to be ‘shown the way’? Well, that is how I stumbled across Pipphenes. I had been LOOKING for this, but could not find any managed Forex accounts, United States based, that I felt were completely legit, or met all my criteria for that. In frustration, I gave up the search for the time being and turned my attention to other matters.

It is often when you let go, that what you want, comes to you. In this case, I was looking up ‘phening’ which is slang for craving to fulfill an addiction, or something like that. It was in an email someone sent me. I like to look up words. Anyways, I typed it in and got the page with the urban dictionary definition. And below that on the search page, I saw ‘Pipphenes-Best Forex Signals’. I went, ‘ooooohhh, signals, gotta check it out’.

I looked at their site, and by the time I realized I might have found a goldmine, and that the universe may have just gotten back to me, I was a bit in shock. So I immediately plied them with a ton of questions to make sure everything was really what they said it was, and, it seemed to be.

Then, realizing I was feeling over-stimulated and probably not too objective, I decided to wait a week to calm myself down, because, sometimes you get ‘excited’ only to find out something isn’t what you thought it was. A little distance and perspective were in order.

When I came back to it, not only did it still look good, I realized they actually are the real deal. They offer so much proof of their results, you just cannot argue with it. Days later, I got more ‘in-depth’ responses to some of my earlier questions to them, that I didn’t even ask them to clarify, they just did it on their own.

They use a broker that they’ve had for over a decade, and have partnered with. Everything points to them being completely legit. They even throw a year’s end barbeque at the beach here in Los Angeles, that subscribers can come to! I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that someone ‘shady’ wouldn’t do that.

So….In The Mother Of All Conclusions….Ya Might Want To Consider Investing

They require a 2K minimum deposit for their managed account, and that may seem like a lot to some people, but if you look at what 2K will be earning you in less than one year, around 9k per month, I think most would agree, it is a worthwhile investment, and worth saving up for if you don’t have the 2k right now.

I know of few, if any, other investments that will give you that kind of passive income in one year or less. If you started out with 10K, that’s a 3K return first month, and after 6 mos. you’d be generating approximately 27K, per month. It sounds unreal, but these are the kinds of results you can get from FX trading, through a well-managed account traded by professional traders. Go HERE to find out for yourself. When you start communicating with them, you will have to get the Telegram app on your phone as that is where they answer you & post results, etc.

I have opened my own managed account and as soon as I have some accumulated results to show, I will post them here. In the meantime, you will see all the links on their site, where you can go, to check all that out. If you have questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dave J.

    Wow, that 30 per cent return sounds too good to be true, but i see what you’re explaining about how it works. Is that a pretty guaranteed return do you know? I am definitely interested….

    • Olivia

      Hi Dave, yes it is an excellent return, done by traders with a long track record. It is indeed real. The returns average out to approximately 30%. Some months it is much more, if the market is strongly trending, they can make a lot more money!

  2. Chad K Laughlin

    When I put in 10000, can I get that 10000 back anytime I want if things don’t work out as stated? Is there some kind of hold on your money?

    • Olivia

      There should be no issue in withdrawing your funds, and no holds. They’ve had the same broker for 10 years and I’ve been told there are no problems. They’ve got thousands of investors there.

  3. Grant

    Hi, Olivia.  I enjoyed your post and the information you gave about forex trading in general and Pipphenes in particular.  I hadn’t heard of them, but then I’m not a forex trader.  I’ve done some trading in the past, but it was with stocks.  And, I have a friend who is learning how to trade with bitcoin.  I’d like to get back into it, but the risk is too high for me right now.  After I increase my income with affiliate marketing then maybe I’ll check out forex trading myself, and of course I’ll use the trade broker (is that the right term?) you recommend, Pipphenes.  What you said about offshore trading, sadly, is true.  It makes sense to me that offshore trading offers better returns than trading in the good ol’ USA.  It’s too bad it’s that way.

    I wish i’d found out about this when I was younger.


    • Olivia

      You don’t have to be ‘younger’ to invest in a managed account. They do all the work and after one year, your 2K generates $9,000.a month.

  4. Aweda Olakunle

    Hey Olivia, Im also into forex and the most important thing if you want to make a lot of gains is finding the perfect broker who you can just deposit your money in your account amd link it up with the broker account and whatever trade the broker makes, you make the same trade. This is actually called copy-trading. Forex is a platform that requires a lot of time and very sound strategy or you will just be loosing your money. The pipphenes sound like a good bunch and i will be sure tp check them out.

  5. Dammy

    I personally think this is an amazing recommendation for investing, provided its legitimate which you said it was. The return is crazy good if it is real. Very Nice write-up, incisive information passed across to the readers. I will be looking into it, if it is real i would be stupid not to invest. thanks!

  6. faftop

    Hi Olivia,

    You’ve got an awesome write up here. Forex was my first attempt of making money online, but i failed woefully in my attempt. Sure, I lost interest and all this $$$ screenshots now appeared as a mirage to me (lol). I wish I’ve got a good teacher like you back then. I’m gonna have to bookmark this page.

    • Olivia

      The managed account doesn’t require any trading on your part, you invest and they trade for you. 2k after one year makes you $9,000+.a month. They do all the work.

  7. Louise

    Well, I might just have to try this. I am a very conservative investor but $2000 to start doesn’t seem like too big of a risk. Wish there was a guarantee but of course I understand that’s now how this works!

    • Olivia

      Thanks for commenting! There are never any absolute guarantees, but when you can confirm past results it makes a big difference. But you’d HAVE to wonder, if they weren’t legit, why would they throw a public beach party each year for their investors and subscribers? Once in a while, something that seems to be too good to be true, really is.

  8. David Tam

    Hi I am from Canada… Would you accept $1500 usd account? With the current exchange rate eating away at my funds.
    So minimum 30% return AFTER your share of 40% correct?

    • Olivia

      Hi David, I think 2K is their absolute minimum, but you can email them if you’d like and see what they say. Click HERE to get their customer service email

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