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A Forex Trendy Review – The #1 Trend Scanner & How To Find The Best Trades!

Forex Trend Trading – What You Need To Know

Every Forex (currency) trader has searched for the ultimate Forex trading systems, that ‘holy grail’, if you will, which leads to easy profits. And while technically, a holy grail doesn’t exist, there are Forex trend trading strategies that come very close! One such Forex trend scanner which identifies entries into the market, is called Forex Trendy.

Whether you are new to trading, or more advanced, you put a lot of work into learning, and building your knowledge base and experience. There are so many tools out there and it can be exhausting trying to figure out which one’s are optimal for you. That’s why I wanted to bring some of the best ‘tools’ I’ve found, and share them with you, to help narrow the search. I only want to showcase the best products and services!

What Is A Trend Scanner?

As a fairly experienced trader, a fellow trader I know pointed me to this software called Forex Trendy, which he told me, locates all the highest probability new trends occurring, in real time. Well, I am always looking for what is going to make my trading experience faster, and more reliable, in attaining results. So I decided to test it out on my Meta-trader 4 platform. I placed demo trades for a month, and I found the scanner to be extremely accurate, especially with the higher time frames – on the 4 hour and the daily charts.


I found the Forex Trendy software easy to read, which makes it user friendly, with no confusing signals. If you’d like a more in-depth understanding regarding the nature of ‘trends’, please enjoy this free E-book  to help you better understand Forex trend trading! Most of us have heard the expression, ‘the trend is your friend’, but is finding and identifying a new trend, or the continuation of one, actually that simple? Not really.


Unless you thoroughly comprehend support and resistance levels, price closing above or below key moving averages, and other indicators as well, it is not that obvious! It only becomes obvious after the fact, as in, hindsight. Even after years of trading, I’m not always sure about what I’m seeing on a chart. So I really wanted to test out Forex Trendy for a bit, and after using it for one month, I saw that the trends it was identifying were spot on, and doing a way better job at finding a new trend early on, than I ever could.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks I See With Forex Trendy?

Pros:  Easy to use, easy to read, excellent for beginning & pro traders

Cons:  You still have to learn some of the fundamentals of trading, like where to set stop losses and take profit targets. This is easily remedied by going to, which gives you a full trading education for free, geared towards beginners.

(You will need to practice on a demo account first, and if you are new, you must learn how to place trades, set stop losses, and take profits. This will require some practice.)


Is This One Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money?

If you have the desire to earn money as a retail trader, and want to be in charge of this yourself, well, Forex trend trading is probably the most effective and fool-proof method of becoming consistently profitable. Because, what other options do you have, when you aren’t experienced enough to read indicators and plot your own charts, looking for trade set-ups?

Do you want to spend years becoming an expert at that? This is where Forex Trendy comes in. Being a retail trader (buying and selling in the Forex market as an individual), and making money online from anywhere in the world, on your laptop or phone, gives you the ultimate freedom. Travel, and trade whenever you want! FX Trendy makes trading a breeze.

There are several requirements to becoming a successful Forex trader, but one of the most basic and essential skills needed to succeed, is knowing how to identify a true trend. In other words, without this knowledge, you are a rudderless ship going nowhere.

When a currency pair is about to break out of a consolidation, or sideways movement, which frankly, is how price is often moving, there are multiple ‘signals’ indicating a breakout in the making, but you have to know how to read it.

Very experienced traders usually have this skill under their belt, but it can still be tricky, and time consuming, to be confident that a new bullish or bearish trend has established itself. Buying or selling into a position based solely upon the existence of a trend that is either up or down on any given currency pair, is easily the most basic way to determine when to enter the market.

This makes it far less complicated for inexperienced traders and newbies. This software eliminates false break-outs, ‘fake’ moves in the market, which can be hard to detect. This makes it extremely valuable in avoiding unnecessary losses! It’s how you increase your ROI, and get  your ‘win’ rate up to 90% or higher!

How Easy Is Forex Trendy To Use?

You install the program to your trading platform with a few clicks, and that’s it. It’s super easy to do. It will scan and display all currency pairs in real time, 24/7. If there is no trend on your currency pair of choice, you keep looking until you find one. You can visually scan your entire dashboard in moments to locate trending pairs. This software is broker supported, so you can use it with any Forex broker.

Below is a screenshot that shows how the software signals and indicates, when to enter the market, going in the direction of a newly formed trend. The dashboard itself will show you the direction of the trend across all different time frames, from 1 minute to 1 month.

You can set this up for 30+ pairs to be scanned, and though it happens infrequently, if NOTHING is trending anywhere, stay out of the market!, it means that you will be spared probable losses!

The true definition of win-win in trading is when you don’t take unnecessary risks and incur what I like to call, ‘stupid losses’, that could have been avoided. Forex Trendy will keep you on course!


    What Do I Love Most About Forex Trendy?

  1.   No spending hours poring over charts – saves me loads of time
  2.   Easy to read – find trades instantly
  3.   Great support and trader’s forum. Get all the help you need

  4.   Set up text alerts, & notifications on your trading charts

    Timing Is Everything! ⇒⇒⇒⇒ Nailing That Early Entry

How many times have I entered a trade, only for price to immediately move against me as it goes into correction mode. Then I frequently had to wait until the trend resumed, IF it did. This can take time…often days, sometimes weeks, and tie up your capital in the process!

Your scanner will get you into only the best trades, at the beginning of a trend. Patience is key as a trader, but that patience will wear thin if you have a less than perfect trading system that too often, gets you into trades late! You may still be profitable in the long run, but you end up with much smaller, more frustrating returns.

This is where the  Forex Trendy software literally saves your butt by getting you into the right trades, at the right TIME. Having been a trader now for going on 6 years, I am seriously tired of staring at charts for hours on end, I just want to find a trade and set it, & forget it!

So guys, if you are ready to have one of the best tools out there, to show you exactly where to enter the market, and when, check out Forex TrendyHaving this tool at your disposal enables you to make safe trading decisions. Watch the video below to understand more about the advantage of using Forex Trendy for making trading decisions

For all you Forex traders out there, wouldn’t you agree that an automated software that HANDS YOU entries at the start of each new trend, would be an incredible time saver? That way, you can still use any of your own confirming indicators to back up the FX Trendy signal, to get a rock solid entry!

If you are new to trading, you will be able to cut your overall learning curve significantly by using this tool. It takes all the work out of ‘finding trades’. You don’t have to worry about indicators, candle stick patterns, support and resistance levels etc, etc.  Forex Trendy software’s advanced algorithms configures all of that for you, with the end result of showing only the very best trends occurring in that moment.

Suddenly, your only job as a Forex trader is to practice good risk management, while placing all the trades handed to you on a silver platter by Forex Trendy!


  • Simple software to install
  • Live charts of the best trending currency pairs and time frames
  • Audible alerts, email alerts
  • User friendly interface
  • Optionally, you can select / deselect pairs or time frames from the auto analysis and more options
  • Quick overview of the trends on all time frames
  • And a special bonus! Automated chart analysis – recognizing “Triangles, Flags, Wedges and Trend Lines” on 34 currency pairs and all time frames!

See all the features FX TRENDY offers, that come with this superb and very affordable trading system, to keep you in profit for years to come. Enjoy an exceptional customer service experience, as you will have all the help you need from their dedicated staff.

FX Trendy also has an ironclad, 60 day guarantee on refunds (through Clickbank, the world’s best payment processor. They honor refunds 100% of the time!) should you decide Forex Trendy isn’t for you, so there is nothing to lose by trying it!  Go HERE to sign up, risk free!

(For a trusted Forex broker recommendation, go here)

I wish you the best of luck in your trading ventures….if you’d like to leave a comment, or ask questions, please do, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Renton

    I have never heard of the trend scanner before but it makes a lot of sense that software would to be able to do this. I like your honesty about not being 100% sure what the charts are saying. Do you think it is viable to learn trading and use Foxy Trendy or is it better to trust someone more experienced like a professional trader?

    I like the idea of not having to hand over my money to someone else but can I actually become proficient enough to make profits from trading?

    • admin

      Hi Renton, thanks for the great questions…it is very much viable to learn trading along with utilizing FX Trendy, but i would start with just opening a free metatrader 4 trading demo account with an fx broker such as, or FXGlory. If you haven’t already done that, it’s important to get very comfortable and familiar with a trading platform first, and placing trades. You can make all the mistakes you want and learn from them. Learn about placing trades, stop loss placement, and setting profit targets. You can learn about that at They have a full, free fx trading course there, and it is geared towards beginners. Fx is no more a get rich quick method than affiliate marketing is. There is work you have to put in first! Going with a professional trader is also a good option, I have not done that myself yet, but will want to in the future, so it’s about research, many brokers offer what are called MAMM and PAM accounts which are traded for you but I don’t know who I would recommend at this point, it’s something you want to be very sure of. Another resource for finding good brokers, and investment programs can be found at this site…   As for returns, Forex has much better returns than your average stock market fund or whatever, because of the high leverage most traders have available to them through their offshore brokers. Instead of a measly 5 or 10% return, it’s more like 50% and often much higher than that. Keep FX Trendy in mind, once you feel confident about trading on your own, the software will show you where to get into a trade. And you’ll know how to set your stop loss, and take profit.That’s the set and forget part, just learn those basics first. FX Trendy is more of an investment, towards accumulating profit and letting it compound in your trading account. Just like in affiliate mkting, it can take up to a year before you start to see some real money coming in through your sites!

  2. Riaz Shah

    Interesting, I’ve always wanted to learn more on trading but I’m still taking baby steps on learning when to buy and when to sell. I’ve heard something about a trading indicator which signals when the right time to sell and buy is, is that how the trend scanner works? Super amazing, no wonder people are able to trade smoothly, can’t wait till I’m confident enough to start trading with real money 🙂

    • admin

      Hi! Thanks for the response…I’m wondering if you are already trading on a practice, demo account? To use FX Trendy you have to know some of the basics first. You need to know how much to risk on your account based on your account size, i always say don’t risk more than 1% on each trade, and, you have to be super familiar with placing trades so you don’t make mistakes! There are lots of fx software programs out there, and i think fx trendy is one of the better ones for accurately identifying a new trend. It does show you on the chart where to enter the market. It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about fx trading, have you gone to It’s a well known, free educational site that teaches literally everything about fx trading. Don’t start trading with real money until you can trade consistently, profitably, for at least several months in a row. Forex is not a get rich quick method lol, few things are, and you do have to put the work in. But with the trend scanner, as i’ve said, it’s giving you the points of entry into the market, and that is half the battle, The other half, is not placing too many trades, having patience, not risking too much, etc.

  3. swangirl

    Forex Trendy sounds like exactly what my husband and I need. I will show your review to him. We are both interested in getting into trading but just never know what to do. I will  recommend Forex Trendy to him! It would be great to have this kind of shortcut that gives you what you need to know without spending years learning it. 

    Thanks for the great, detailed review with specific examples. It helps make a foreign concept comprehensible and accessible. 

    • admin

      Thanks for commenting…if you are completely new to trading, both you and your husband, even if you get this software, you will still need to understand some of the basics about fx. I tell everyone to go ahead and open a free practice, demo account first, to practice with paper trades. The demo accounts are identical to real ones, just no actual money involved. Try, or, have free metatrader 4 platform downloads. It’s important to be familiar with a trading platform so you can properly place trades. is an excellent free educational site that teaches you everything you need to know about forex so i strongly recommend using that as a guide. It’s important not to risk more than 1% of your capital when you trade, especially in the beginning. You’ll need to use a risk calculator to do that, and at babypips you will find all that info.FX Trendy has a nice community of subscribers who also help each other out, along with their customer support, but first i suggest you practice on a demo acct. and study at babypips!

  4. John

    I’ve always been interested in trading. Every now and then, I set some money aside hoping to experiment with trading while using money that I have taken over a period of time from the family bank account. This way, if I lose the money, it is way less painful and I don’t have to tell my wife because she doesn’t know the money is even there. But an emergency often comes up and the money gets spent.

    This article inspires me to try again, but I don’t even know what a currency pair is, much less how to know whether it is a bear or a bull market.

    By the way, what on earth is a currency pair?

    I’ve heard almost every term that you used in this article, but I have never heard of a currency pair. Please explain what this is.

    How hard is it to get into trading with a relatively small amount of money? Let’s say $1,000.00 to invest. Is it likely that would be eaten up in fees that I keep hearing about in TV commercials?

    It’s a great review of the scanner program, but before I can invest in even that, I need to know a few more details that I’ve asked in this commentary.

    • admin

      All excellent questions, John! First of all, the best way to ‘start’ is to open a practice account with a forex broker. You never start trading forex with real money up front. Since you are brand new to it, you really do need to learn some basics about it. I always send folks to because it’s a great, free site that teaches you all about forex. A currency pair is simply one currency paired with another ie, the euro vs u.s.d.(dollar) etc. In trading, you are essentially ‘betting’ which currency is moving up or down, in a given time period. If you go long on the euro, and it goes up, say in a 24 hour period, you profit, if you placed a ‘short’ trade or bet it would go down in value, you lose that trade. Using a program like FX Trendy takes the ‘betting’ aspect out of trading, because of its accuracy in identifying whether a pair is going to go up or down. You can start with 1K for sure, and no, there aren’t the level of fees involved like in stock trading. When you place a trade you are charged a tiny commission. The only expense comes with wiring money back and forth to accounts from bank to broker, and vice versa, and the charges for wiring. Forex is not something to rush into…start with a demo account, study at Babypips, & you can download a free metatrader 4 demo account from, or, to start ‘placing trades’ and learn about risk management. You can always contact the broker for questions, and Babypips has a whole helpful community as well. I hope this helps!

  5. pmbaluka2016

    It sounds as if this is a wonderful program about Forex trading. To be frank, I must admit that I don’t know anything about this leave alone knowing a good program.

    If I have to start any business on Forex then I have to get a very promising software which will do everything for me. Do you mean that this software can trade automatically on my behalf and display the financial report? Can you recommend it for newbies? 

    Between affiliate marketing and Forex, which do you think is the best opportunity for online business? 

    • admin

      Yes, you are absolutely right, if you decide to trade forex, having software like Fx Trendy puts you ahead of the game. It is not a robot nor does it trade automatically….it will be up to you to place your own trades based on the entries it is giving you. So, if you are a beginner, you will need to learn how to navigate a trading platform etc, use a calculator to know your position size based on how much you want to risk on each trade. Try it out on a demo account first to practice. Use as a guide, it is a free site that teaches you what you need to know as a beginner. I think forex and affiliate marketing are equally profitable, once you put in the work that needs to be done. My experience is that, nothing is completely easy or simple, there is always a learning curve for everything worth doing!

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