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Best Forex Signals-Win Rate 70-80%

PipPhenes: Finding The Best Forex Signals Provider

One of the fastest ways to get ahead as a Forex trader, if you are new or still learning, is to subscribe to a reliable signal service that consistently delivers at least a 75% average, on accurate signals. This way, you can start earning money while you are still in learning mode. Otherwise, the learning curve can take many years before you feel confident enough of placing your own trades and being capable of devising your own successful trading strategy. One of the best Forex signals providers are known as PipPhenes, a group of professional traders who put out anywhere from 1 to 10 signals a day, depending on market conditions.

The hardest part of trading is obviously going through the learning process of how to trade for yourself. It’s highly recommended to learn as much as you can, in order to understand as much of the process as possible. But having a reliable signals provider where you can receive accurate entries for trades while you are still studying and practicing, allows you to begin reaping some profits, at the same time. Things you need to be familiar with:

  • Your MT4 trading platform
  • How to place trades, inputting entry price and take profit
  • Knowing the difference between market execution, and pending trades
  • Managing Risk
  • Managing your emotions!

These are the bare bones basics you need to have familiarity with, to even begin to place trades from a signal provider. You will need to go the broker of your choice and download their free demo/practice account, for beginners. Practice before you open a live account. Once you open a live account, and start placing trades from signals, you will have to follow instructions exactly. Entry price, stop loss, and take profit. Pipphenes has a beginner’s guide to getting started that can fast track you towards knowing how to place trades with confidence.


PipPhenes Trading Signal Results Are Posted Regularly

PipPhenes has numerous Telegram channels, and for signals subscribers, they post results frequently, in their private channel. They have maintained an approximately 75% accuracy on their signals, over several years on average. Many of their trades offer 5:1 Risk Reward Ratios, which result in awesome profits!

Here are some examples of subscribers posting their results.


You can see from some of the account balances how you can make a significant return even with a small account size, by utilizing the highest leverage available to you, through your broker. So when you have an 80% success rate, that means your account can grow pretty quickly. You minimize your risk by starting out with a 500 or 1K account, and building it up from there.

Many have started with literally 100$ accounts and by placing every single trade via signal, were able to build up their account enough in one month to both cover the cost for the signals, and still come out with a profit.

PipPhenes offers one month memberships, all the way up to a lifetime membership. I will say right now that the lifetime membership is the best deal dollar-wise, and because you also receive an abbreviated trading manual for getting started, and an 11 Module E-Course, which is a full FX training course to go with it. The E-Course teaches you everything you need to know about trading successfully. Also, anything new they release down the road, you will automatically receive it free, plus other perks.

You can also test the waters for a few months with the monthly membership, to verify for yourself how good the signals are. You will be notified of trade entries through their private Telegram channel, on a daily basis. You’ll be invited to share your own results, if you want to.


Checking Past Results: Consistent Performance Is As Close As You Can Get To Certainty

PipPhenes has posted their results all over social media, going back at least 3 years. Instagram, Facebook, Telegram. Being as transparent as possible is their number one goal, to help people make an informed decision about purchasing their products and services. Trying out the one month membership and even just trading it on a practice account, to convince yourself it works, is a smart and cautious way to go. Once you see the results for yourself, it’s easy to make a decision for moving forward.

Each type of membership has this included: Signals, Setups, Advice, Insight, Support, Education. Access to all premium telegram channels.

For more info, please go to PipPhenes website, you can also email their customer service with any questions you may have, they will get back to you within 24 hours. If you’d like to leave a comment below, or have a question, please feel free to speak your mind!






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