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Regal Assets – Why It’s Important To Own Gold

Regal Assets is a well established investment group that specializes in growing IRA’s through alternative assets such as metals, and Cryptocurrencies. Gold is a popular investment, as many high profile investors believe that the price of gold will hold steady, even as currencies fluctuate, and we experience more stock market crashes, along with national and student debt spiraling out of control.

All this can lead to another crash in the economy triggering huge volatility in the markets. Gold really is ‘a stable currency’ and as such, many feel it should be a part of their portfolio. It guards your wealth against inflation and economic instability.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in value and popularity with every passing day, and again, if you were to follow in the footsteps of countless big money investors, most recognize the future role of Cryptos as the currency of the future, to be commonly used by various companies and individuals globally.

Indeed, Cryptos are already widely in use as alternative monetary exchange. The value of the 3 major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum) has skyrocketed in the past several years, and they are all poised to go much higher. Now is a really good time to get in!

Who Are The Founders Of Regal Assets?

Well, Regal Assets was started by one guy. His name is Tyler Gallagher. He kind of did the impossible by starting his company. His mission was, and I quote ‘to simplify, innovate and rejuvenate the alternative assets investment landscape which was still operating under heavy bureaucracy and unnecessary hurdles.’ That was about 10 years ago.

His was a small start-up, with no investors, and Tyler grew Regal Assets by word of mouth, eventually landing bigger investors along the way. He managed to single-handedly get around those nearly impossible bureaucratic restrictions and hurdles, to shape a company that has become #1 in its industry, ie, alternative retirement investments, starting with precious metals.

Cryptocurrencies were added later, as they’ve gained increasing viability and staying power in the market place. Tyler has created a reputation for both personal integrity and solid performance of the RA investment portfolios.

Below is an interview with Tyler, where he explains why, and advocates for the necessity to diversify one’s portfolio to include alternative investments.

Billionaires worldwide are scooping up gold and Cryptocurrencies, because they understand the value of owning both. It’s possible Cryptocurrencies may eventually replace paper money, and many are predicting that day could come sooner rather than later. As of this writing, 12-2018, Bitcoin is still in correction mode, and the lower it continues to drop, the greater the potential to profit when it DOES go bullish again. There will be massive profits to be made as it marches up towards its previous high.

Regal Assets is the leader in the industry when it comes to Cryptocurrency investing. They were the very first company to get a Cryptocommodity trading license. And one thing you must be in the cyber universe, and especially when it comes to Cryptos, is absolutely “secure”, because hackers are always working overtime to get one step ahead of the current blockchain technology. Regal Assets employs the highest levels of encryption to safeguard their portfolios.

How Much Can You Really Trust Your Money With Wall Street?

Precious metals and Cryptos will fluctuate somewhat in value too, but not the way stocks do, for example. Wall Street is highly manipulated with insider trading, and the stock market is prone to crashing because of these manipulations, for example, back in ’08, because money managers had packaged sub-prime mortgages into toxic investments, it produced a lot of panic when the whole scheme proceeded to unravel.

More and more people began defaulting on loans when banks arbitrarily jacked up their rates, and this had a ‘lynch pin’ effect of starting the DOW’s tumble on that fateful day. It resulted in an entire market melt down.

You can’t engage in this type of criminal chicanery when it comes to gold and precious metals. Unless of course you don’t deal with a reputable company like Regal Assets. (Wall Street, you lost most of your credibility in my eyes, many years ago).

What Is A Safe Haven Investment?

Many people are turning to safe haven investments now, commodities that retain their value, and fluctuate less in price. Since the last stock market crash that saw many investors losing their life savings, it’s been a hard wake up call for many folks who had to start understanding about, and finding more secure ways to invest their money.

When you own physical gold, it will not vanish on you overnight if the market crashes, and a huckster like Bernie Madoff won’t be able to ‘make off’  with your money. Here’s an article written by Forbes that discusses why gold is your ‘go to’ metal for retirement investing, and overall security. Tyler from Regal is quoted within this topic.

Your gold and other precious metals you purchase, is delivered by Brinks, and is stored in various repositories around the world, repositories that might as well be Fort Knox. No one’s going to be breaking in there. Besides gold and silver, you can also invest in Platinum and Palladium, 2 more high value metals. All metals are fully insured by Regal Assets.

How Do You Rollover An IRA To Include Physical Gold?

First, you would move your existing 401K or IRA over to Regal Assets. You can either transfer your existing IRA to a gold IRA, with no time restrictions, or, you can rollover to the new IRA within 60 days to avoid taxes and penalties, then take your distribution and deposit it to the new IRA. It’s a simple process, really. If you decide to invest, your RA investment manager will insure a smooth transition for you.

Not only does investing in precious metals make sense from a longevity point of view, it’s something that can also be passed down to your heirs with no fear of it losing its value.

I believe gold will always maintain the number one spot for most bought investment metal, even though Palladium is also quite a rare metal, and its value is right up there with gold, per ounce.

Its cousin Platinum, goes for around 800$ per ounce as of this writing, and is also a rare earth metal, highly sought after. It, along with palladium is an indispensable resource that is used across many industries, like electronics. All great investments!

Regal Assets offers several types of IRA’s which combine different assets. For more info, see this page here which goes into detail about how you do this. Here is a quote from their website. “Investing in Metals and Cryptos through an IRA has to be done in accordance with IRS rules and regulations, which is why it is important to work with a company that has a good track record in working with these types of accounts.”

I would highly recommend Regal Assets based on their impressive track record, and their high standing with all the 3rd party reviewers, as well as being a member of the Forbes Finance Council. They have been listed on Inc500, they have an A+ rating with the BBB, and the list goes on. One thing I like is that they are a privately held company.

The minute you go public, it opens the door to greed, pressure to perform, and sometimes criminal shenanigans, like cooking the books because you couldn’t live up to growth expectations of your public shareholders. Think ‘Enron’. Anyone remember that? They cooked their books to the point of bankruptcy, lying to their investors for years!

In conclusion, I think RA is all about customer service, and running an impeccable organization for the benefit of their investors. There have been zero complaints filed against them to any regulatory bodies. There’s a reason Regal Assets was not only the FIRST company to establish itself as number one in the industry, they have also remained on top, with newcomers modeling themselves after Regal. So I’m not saying you can ‘buy’ peace of mind, but investing in precious metals and Cryptocurrencies can make a person’s nest egg way more secure.

If you’d like additional info on Regal Assets, you can go to their site here. (I am not affiliated with them nor do I receive any commissions).

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  1. Marios Tofarides

    Hey Olivia,

    I am aware of a similar company in Europe, named Swiss Gold Global. Are you aware of the two companies being “related”or connected to each other? And I wonder whether they would open an account for someone who does not reside in the US, and does not own an IRA.

    Thanks for introducing us to this company. I’ll check it out 🙂


    • Olivia

      Hi Marios, I’m not aware of any affiliation between Regal and Swiss Gold Global. Regal Assets is worldwide, with offices overseas, so yes, you can invest wherever you live. You can always ask them to be sure. You don’t need an IRA to invest, that’s just what they specialize in.

  2. Hollie Rose

    I don’t understand cryptocurrencies all that well. However, I can’t imagine it replacing real money. From my limited knowledge it also seems that its not as stable as real money. I do agree with you though about stocks. They don’t seem more stable than cryptocurrencies. I think since the big crash people have lost their faith in stocks to an extent. 

    Regals Assets sounds good. I will have to check it out and get my husband to as well! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Olivia

      Thanks Hollie, I don’t totally hate the stock market, but I feel it is the least reliable way to invest these days, on long term portfolios. Buying and selling stocks short term is still very lucrative and do-able. However, long term investments that will hold their value no matter what, are the investment vehicles to look for. Precious metals, and something else I found, called Bank On Yourself, (, is another way to safely park your money and earn dividends through the oldest life insurance companies in the nation.

  3. James

    Wow!  I can’t believe your group was the first to get a crypto currency commodities licence.  That’s very progressive of you.  I am certain that your investment in crypto currency will put you at the forefront of the future. 

    Often times, alot of people down talk crypto as if it is some giant pyramid scheme.  And while there are ICOs to watch out for, there is definitely positive potential for the system as a whole.  I can’t see a future where we aren’t using cryptocurrency to issue mortgages, home deeds, software licences, etc.  

    What do you think?  What’s got you most excited about Crypto?   

    • Olivia

      What I like about the idea of cryptos is the fact that there is no middle man controlling and profiting off of transactions, it goes through the blockchain which is all digital of course, it’s about de-centralized control. No greedy bankers. I think cryptos will take over at some point, a lot of companies accept it as payment now, but i hope we never lose paper money, either, i like paper money! There were a lot of shady new cyptos that came and went fast,as every scammer was looking to get into the profits of this, but the legit ones have stayed, and grown stronger. It’s kinda the wild west right now, but things are beginning to getting sorted out, with more oversight, and regulations.

  4. ValerieJoy

    Hi Olivia, thanks for the information you provide in your review of Regal Assets. Although I am interested in learning more about investments of metals, this continues to be a subject I’ve not had a lot of faith in.  My reason is that it’s only recently, say up to 2 years ago, that investing in Cryptocurrencies became a ‘hot’ subject, so to speak.

    No doubt, investing in metals is another sign of times changing, or ‘evolving’ is probably a better word.  The type of investments I’ve been familiar with are the purchase of shares in various large companies.  Although share investments are certainly not guaranteed secure, they are something I can understand.

    However, I appreciate learning from you about Regal Assets and the fact they are focused on customer service.  I will take the time to learn more about Regal Assets through the link you provide, as well as listening to the interview with Tyler.

    • Olivia

      Hi Valerie, thanks for commenting. Investing in something like RA is geared for long term investment, and putting ‘some’ of your assets there, not all of them. I think more than any other investment, gold will always be the most secure!

  5. Dan

    Sounds good how much of a return can you expect in a yearly basis on a metals investment, is it better to get a combo of metals to balance out fluctuating prices? I agree bitcoin is tanking, and better to wait til it bottoms out before buying. It would be nice if it went down to the 100’s.

    • Olivia

      Portfolios with Regal are meant for more long term investment, and the yearly ‘roi’ will depend on the increases of the individual portfolio. Metals and crytos do fluctuate in value also but as safe haven investments, the portfolio will mature over time. I agree about bitcoin, I’ll be watching my charts closely for that ‘reversal’!

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